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A 30-Day Journey to

 Shift Your Biggest Block and

Create Freedom in Your Life


The Breakthrough Coaching Program is designed to provide you with the support, guidance, and accountability you need in 4 short weeks to:

UNBLOCK the mental and emotional barriers, lack of skills, knowledge and external factors that are holding your back

PIVOT and set clear and actionable intentions that align with your desired outcomes

BREAKTHROUGH with a combination of personalized exercises, rituals, and one-on-one coaching that will give

you access to clarity, focus, and motivation

What to Expect Each Week

Week One

An evaluation of your truth

Receive a metaphysical evaluation to gain clarity on what’s holding you back in life and where you want to go. We’ll break through to the unconscious insights you need to see your deeper and self-aligned future.  This is a padding sentence.

Week Two

An introduction to guided mindfulness

Learn how to use plants and mindfulness rituals to stay in touch with your inner voice and bring out unconscious thoughts. This practice allows you to stay focused on the challenges you want to move through and the future you desire.

Week Three

Life exploration and career purpose

Explore what life could look and feel like if you lived

in alignment with your capabilities, values and identity. We’ll set action items and create frameworks to architect a lifestyle built through self-care, connection and purpose.

Week Four

A reflection and intention setting ritual

Reflect on the insights you have uncovered throughout this process and how you have integrated them into your life. We’ll all gather to leave you with guidance and next steps on maintaining the intentions you’ve set for yourself. This is a padding sentence.

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Onboarding gift package + pre-program assessment

(4) Weekly sixty-minute virtual one on one sessions

28 Days Later_Numbered List.png

Hands-on practices, rituals, cacao ceremony and oracle readings

In between session email support

Lifetime access to Facebook Group for ongoing support and community + 10% off future coaching programs.

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Let's Get Started!

There is never a perfect time to change your life, but the truth is: if not now, then when? From our personal and client experience, we’ve seen the impact of taking the time to process, analyze and intentionally recreate your life the way you want it.

Testimonial Image.png

A Client Testimonial

" Working with Asha, Nelson, and Katie was the best thing I could have done for my life at the time. I wasn't completely sure what I was walking into, but BAM, one session, and I knew I'd made the right decision. The combination of the three of them, each with very different, powerful, and specialized skills, is MAGIC.

As an entrepreneur with a demanding schedule, not to mention Mom of two little ones, I had been letting go of what my heart has always called me to do and actually accepting that it was ok. In just 28 days of working with them, I literally felt like I had been struck by lightning. I was realigned to my dream and had an entirely new vision for how I was going to make it happen. You will not be sorry if you work with these three...

I am just so incredibly grateful they came into my life and I am so excited to continue my work with them, to continue this journey of living the life I dream of. "

- Anna Tartak, CEO & Founder

Charlotte, NC

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